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  • We love this idea for super simple, but super organised seed storage! 
Pick up this photo storage box from your local craft store, and it makes a perfect, weather friendly seed storage container. 
You’ll have plenty of places to store all of your seeds, plant tags and other bits’n’bobs, while keeping everything neat and tidy. 
The only hard decision is how you will categorise all of your seeds – will it be by sowing time of year, variety, alphabetical, or into flowers-vegetables-herbs? There are so many options! 
Do you have a great seed storage solution? Comment to share how you keep everything sorted when it comes to your seeds! 📸 Image via Pinterest
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  • Now this looks like a green garden path we could spend hours wandering! A snapshot from Dianna Allen's garden, we think this looks like a pretty special spot for this week's  #ShowUsYourGardenSunday 🌱💕 If you’d like the opportunity to be our feature garden in the coming weeks, post a picture of your favourite spot in the garden and tag us! @rockypointau #rockypointau
  • Have you entered our @rockypointau EKKA giveaway competition yet? There’s a @vegepod and heaps of Rocky Point gardening goodies up for grabs to help make your garden greener! 🌱💚 Just a reminder, make sure your post is visible so we can see your entry! Your photo needs to be shared with PUBLIC visibility so we can see it too! 💚🌱 Full details on how to enter are under the #RockyTheGnome post on our page!
  • Today is People’s Day at @theekka - this morning team Rocky Point, along with #RockyTheGnome caught up with @costasworld! 💚
  • Plan for some colour in your garden by planting some Aster seeds, and now is the perfect time! 
Aster’s love any good garden soil and a full sun position. Sow your seeds with about a 30cm gap in between to allow plenty of space for them to bush out a little. Ensure your seeds are kept moist while germinating. 
Asters make a great cut flower when they start to bloom. If you cut them just as flowers are starting to open, you should have blooms unfolding for up to two weeks! 
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  • A common misconception about Bonsai trees is that they should be kept indoors. In fact, most Bonsai should be placed outside, where they are exposed to the four seasons just like normal trees are. Only tropical and subtropical plants can survive in the indoor climate of your house; where temperatures are higher and stable throughout the year.
Give your bonsai a boost with Rocky Point Bonsai Cacti Succulent Mix! In stores now. Learn more: http://bit.ly/BCSPottingMix  #RockyPointAU #BetterEarth
  • It’s a thing… A Garden Thing! 
This week for #MakeItMonday we’ve got a cute little project to perhaps add a little surprise to your garden next time a visitor is taking a wander. Hide this near some foliage and see when someone spots the little eyes spying them! 
To make this, you’ll need 1 large flat pebble, and a bunch of smaller skinny and flat pebbles. 
Start by gluing the smaller pebbles ‘standing up’ on the larger one. Once dry and all are held in place, paint some little eyes with a white dot, and a smaller black dot on the inside. If you’d like to spray it over with a weather proof sealer, that’s up to you. 
When the paint and sealer is dry, hide your new garden thing somewhere sneaky to watch out over the visitors to your garden! 📸 Image via Pinterest 
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  • This week’s we’re showing off Amanda Davis’ new ‘food court’ set up to make her garden greener! We think it’s coming along nicely, and some great inspiration for #ShowUsYourGardenSunday 🌱 
If you’d like the opportunity to be our feature garden in the coming weeks, post a picture of your favourite spot in the garden and tag us! @rockypointau #rockypointau
  • We’re making the earth better, and you can too! Come by our stand outside the Old Museum at Ekka and take part in one of our Better Earth Workshops 💚 
Running every hour between 9.30am and 3.30pm. 🌱 
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