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  • It's time to plant your Leek seedlings!
Early sowings should be placed on a sunny indoor windowsill or into a greenhouse where the warmth will encourage quicker growth. As the seedlings grow you can if you wish separate them out and pot them on into individual pots. 
#WhatToGrowWednesday #RockyPointAU
  • Looking for a small-space solution for a few kitchen garden herbs? Check out this upcycled hanging herb planter! 
Created using old enamel camping mugs, simply drill a small hole in the bottom for drainage, and tie them all up using twine or string at different lengths to a hook or loop to hang on your fence or outdoor wall. You can use as many mugs as you like depending on how many herbs you’d like to plant! 
#MakeItMonday #Upcycle 📷 Image via Pinterest.
  • It’s time for another #ShowUsYourGardenSunday! 🌱💚 Here is Gaylene Bauer’s little patch created from a reclaimed excavator track and old steel wheel filled with cheerful blooms. 
If you’d like the opportunity to be our feature garden in the coming weeks, post a picture of your favourite spot in your garden space and tag us! @rockypointau #rockypointau
  • We love our Sugar Cane Mulch, as it really sweetens up our soil by putting nutrients back in as it breaks down. It also makes the perfect toasty winter blanket for your garden beds, protecting them from the harsh of winter colds! 💚
  • Happy Friday! #rockypointau
  • Will you make a pledge this year? What is your commitment to #BeatAirPollution on #WorldEnvironmentDay?
Will you ride your bike, plant a tree or eat less meat?
Here are Rocky Point, we’re proud to be doing our part to lessen the environmental burden of waste through our professional composting and recycling work. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
There are a number of things that cause air pollution; household, industry, transport, agriculture, waste and more… Not all air pollution comes from human activity, it can also come from things like Volcanic eruptions, sand and dust storms etc. however the human activity certainly has a large effect! 
On the topic of waste and air pollution; 
Open waste burning and organic waste in landfills release harmful dioxins, furans, methane, and black carbon into the atmosphere. Globally, an estimated 40 percent of waste is openly burned. The problem is most severe in urbanizing regions and developing countries. Open burning of agricultural and municipal waste is practiced in 166 out of 193 countries.
Improving the collection, separation, and disposal of solid waste reduces the amount of waste that is burned or landfilled. Separating organic waste and turning it into compost or bioenergy improves soil fertility and provides an alternative energy source. Reducing the estimated one-third of all food that is lost or wasted can also improve air quality.
  • It's time to plant your Lupin Seeds!
June is the perfect time to plant your Lupin seeds (subtropical/tropcial) or seedlings (cool/temperate) to prepare for summer flowers. They prefer to be grown in moderately fertile well-drained soil in a sunny position. 
#WhatToGrowWednesday #RockyPointAU
  • In season now is rich red Rhubarb!
A winter favourite, we've come up with this slightly different use for Rhubarb this season with the scrumptious Rhubarb BBQ Sauce! Swipe for the recipe card 👉 
#MakeItMonday #RockyPointAU #Yum
  • It’s time for another #ShowUsYourGardenSunday! 🌱💚 This beautiful patch is just a little taste from Arceli Madrid Snow in Herberton QLD. 
If you’d like the opportunity to be our feature garden in the coming weeks, post a picture of your favourite spot in your garden space and tag us! @rockypointau ! 💚

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