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  • It’s time for another #ShowUsYourGardenSunday! 🌱💚 Stacey-Lee Collis shared her garden, and doesn’t it look tempting to wander up the garden path! 🌸
If you’d like the opportunity to be our feature garden in the coming weeks, post a picture of your favourite spot in your garden space and tag us! @rockypointau #rockypointau
  • Micro-organisms are such an important part of soil health, to keep your garden healthy and green! #BetterEarth #RockyPointAU
  • It's time to plant your Candytuft seeds!
These small by showy flowers are a great addition to any garden or pot. It's a great attractant for bees, birds and butterflies and is pretty simple to grow. 
Now is the ideal time to sow your seeds in a sunny, but sheltered spot. Try not to overcrowd your plants as this will cause them to flower poorly. 
#WhatToGrowWednesday #RockyPointAU
  • So while the winter weather is frosty, are you noticing your potted plants could use a little TLC? 💕
Coco Pro is a versatile potting mix for both indoor and outdoor plants - with 40% coir! 🥥
It has everything your plants need to grow coco nuts between annual re-potting - just add a little water! (Note - Coco Pro won't grow actual coconuts, unless you're into that - then plant your coconut tree right away! 🌴🌴🌴)
  • Are you indoor plant obsessed? (We may be slightly... 🙊) We love this idea for a plant headboard - creating even more space for even more plants in the house! 
All you need for this great #MakeItMonday is some good quality brackets for the wall above your bead, and a solid curtain rail to hold the weight of your hanging pots - then hang to your indoor plants to your hearts desire! 💚 📸 Via Pinterest.
  • This week for #ShowUsYourGardenSunday we thought we’d do something a little different as it’s day 3 of Qld Garden Expo! 🌱💚 These gorgeous landscapes were built as displays at the expo and are absolutely amazing to wander through and explore. 
If you’d like the opportunity to be our feature garden in the coming weeks, post a picture of your favourite spot in the garden and tag us! @rockypointau #rockypointau
  • Aloe there! Check out this gorgeous display from @aloealoes at @qldgardenexpo ! There are so many beautiful displays on show this year. 
Tomorrow is the last day for the 35th anniversary show, and it’s bound to be a big finish! Come and visit us down at site 120. ☺️
  • It’s a beautiful morning here at @qldgardenexpo ! 💚 
Our team is enjoying the sunshine and chatting to all of happy gardeners about how they can make the earth better with Rocky Point! Coming to the show over the weekend? Come and say g’day! 🌱 #rockypointau #qldgardenexpo  #betterearth
  • It's time to plant your Capsicum Seeds!
Sow your capsicum seeds in a pot or punnet to keep in a full sun, but wind-protected area to avoid any snapping of the delicate young stems. Get started now, and you'll have plenty of tasty capsicum to harvest in no time! 
#WhatToGrowWednesday #RockyPointAU

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