Join the Better Earth Program

Most big changes start with small steps. And the Better Earth program is about those small steps. It is also about useful tips, ideas and green solutions.

Better Earth Program | We keep digging until we find the greenest solution.

As responsible global citizens every member of the Rocky Point team is charged with playing their part in making the earth better.

From the products we produce, to the work practices we employ, everything we do must live our promise of making a positive impression on the environment.

Only by working together in this way can we join with our customers, stakeholders and suppliers in making the earth better for this and future generations.

Together we can make the earth better.

How Better Earth idea was born

Rocky Point people – people with a passion for growing healthy, abundant plants and produce, people with a commitment to our environment and the many ways we can all make the earth better.

With a purpose beyond the garden media we create, Rocky Point is a group unified by a shared passion for improving the soil our customers cultivate, and the earth we share.

From products designed to nurture healthier soils, our alliances with farmers, chemical minimisation strategies, revegetation, carbon offsetting, and our new recyclable packaging substrates, Rocky Point is focused on making the earth better in the most innovative and responsible ways.

Welcome to Rocky Point, passionate, committed people with a clear mission of making the earth better for this, and future generations.