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Get Compliments On Your Garden

Introducing Compliments, Rocky Point’s Better Earth Product Combinations.
Proof that two packs are better than one!


With a wide range of quality, environmentally friendly garden products to choose from, Rocky Point has everything you need to get that garden project done and dusted!

As avid gardeners ourselves we’ve seen how using complementary products can increase a garden’s growth potential.

That’s why we’ve created:


A range of complementary products designed to work better together.

Reinvigorate tired soil

ActivGrow and Sugar Cane Mulch
ActivGrow is a blend of 16 soil rejuvenators specifically formulated to instantly boost "fresh" or "tired" soil.

A product of Rocky Point's "Growth Intelligence" research division, ActivGrow adds all the healthy soil nutrients plants need to thrive.

With your soil in tip top condition, adding a layer of moisture-retaining Sugar Cane Mulch will lock in all that goodness, make a perfect home for good bugs, and keep weeds at bay.

ActivGrow plus Sugar Cane Mulch - great on their own, absolutely unbeatable together!

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Give blooms an extra boost

Cow Manure Plus and Sugar Cane Mulch
Rocky Point's Cow Manure Plus takes one of nature's super soil improvers and gives it a little helping hand.

A blend of composted cow manure, this nitrogen rich soil booster raises nitrogen and microbial levels to bring growing environments to life.

All that's left then is to add a mattress of Sugar Cane Mulch to keep your soil cool, moist and protected from the Australia's harsh and changing conditions.

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Veggie patch Starter pack

Garden Soil and ActivGrow
Rocky Point's Garden Soil is a cost effective and sure-fire way of getting your growing season off to a great start.

Turn in some ActivGrow and supercharge your Garden Soil with all the nutrients and nitrogen edible plants need to grow strong, healthy and delicious!

Remember, you are what they eat - when your veggies eat healthy ingredients in the soil, you eat healthy veggies come harvest time!

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Perfect for sowing seeds and cuttings

Seed and Cutting Mix and Coco Pro
All seeds and cuttings need a fine, light mix to allow roots to sprout (too heavy or coarse a mix and roots simply can't get through).

Rocky Point's Seed and Cutting Mix is specifically ground to provide an ideal environment for those first precious days and weeks in a plant's life.

By laying this mix over a layer of Coco Pro, you can be confident that when roots do reach a more mature stage they are receiving all the goodness and nourishment they need to flourish.

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Grow the ultimate Australian Garden

Native Mix and Tea Tree Mulch
Phosphorus sensitive natives need a balanced mix customised to suit their specific growing needs.

And when it comes to native mixes, there's none better than this mineral and iron rich mix from Rocky Point.

Unfortunately with rich growing environments weeds can also flourish. That's why laying a protective barrier of finely cut Tea Tree Mulch over your soil is highly recommended.

This natural mulch suppresses weeds, retains moisture and attracts good bugs - it doesn't get mulch better than that!

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Looks great, grows better!

Garden Soil and Decorative Mulches
Rocky Point's Garden Soil and Decorative Mulches are the simplest way to get compliments on your garden.

Put these two to work and create a nutrient rich growing environment with stunning looks to match.

Available in a range of textures and colours Rocky Point Decorative Mulches not only look great, they also keep your soil moist and protected from the forces of nature.

Who said you can't have looks and brains!

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Available at selected Mitre 10, Home Timber and Hardware and Independent Garden Centres Australia-wide.

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