About Us

Rocky Point is a strong, sustainable and diverse company where our principle is to Keep Growing; our people, our customers, our business dealings and our sustainability mindset.

Since our humble beginnings as sugar cane farmers in 1949, our brand has grown with five separate divisions across multiple growth industries.

Rocky Point Rural

has a long history as primary producers in sugar, grain and cattle.

Rocky Point Garden

packages and distributes the best quality products for the home and garden.

Rocky Point

creates and manufactures our growing media for the horticultural, agricultural, revegetation, landscaping industry and the home garden.

Rocky Point

takes in end of life timber and green organics, transforming them into useable growing media and mulches.

Rocky Point

produces high quality solutions for erosion control, restoring and enhancing environments to health.

Our Story

Our journey began when Alexander and Phylis Keith purchased their first block of land in the Rocky Point area in 1949, where they soon became successful sugar cane farmers. Their sons David and Michael found a love of the land and used their skillsets to modernise their farming practises by investing into mechanical harvesting. They were not afraid to push the boundaries of latest technology in all areas of their farming. Leading to such things as minimal tillage and GPS guidance machinery. Their success lead to the purchase of more property in the area.

In 1993 they started green cane harvesting which involved baling the leaf for cattle feed and garden mulch instead of burning it. Over the next decade David and Janette formed a partnership with Michael and Jennifer who all worked in the business utilising each of their strengths. Their children also became part of the farming workforce and in 2003 Rocky Point Mulching was established. Under the leadership of the 3rd generation of the Keith Family, Rocky Point’s Sugar Cane Mulch grew to become Australia’s longest running and most loved packaged mulch. Millions of bags every year are produced by refining the raw products from a variety of farms in the Rocky Point area, Northern New South Wales and Bundaberg areas thus contributing to the viability of the sugar cane industry. Now known as Rocky Point Garden, we source and package over 90 different product lines for the home garden industry.

Rocky Point’s Darling Downs farms were the first major diversification the family made away from sugar cane farming. Nearly 40 years ago the first farm was purchased near the township of Bell, Queensland; an investment into broad acre cropping and cattle. The property provided a diversified income to just growing sugar cane in the Rocky Point area. It was here that the family worked the land alongside a workforce of experienced local managers. The Keith Family continued to reinvest in farming land which now equates to over 600 hectares of sugar cane and 280 hectares of grain and cattle. This level of success couldn’t have been achieved without the dedicated staff support in the various divisions of Rocky Point.

In 2011, Green Fingers Potting Mix was acquired, and led by the 3rd generation of Keith family, the business was relocated to its current site and is now known as Rocky Point Production. Rocky Point Production manufactures quality growing media soils and composts, and continues to exceed grower expectations in the horticultural, revegetation and agricultural sectors. By taking in green organics from Gold Coast City Council, and diverting this resource from landfill, we have grown into a national award-winning producer and wholesaler of growing media to the commercial nursery, agriculture, landscaping, and revegetation markets. Key to our success is that Rocky Point Production also supplies these high-quality growing media mixes to our home gardener product lines in Rocky Point Garden.

The Rocky Point Renewables and Revegetation divisions were established in 2015, and have gained recognition and built momentum with new innovation, continual research and forward thinking. Rocky Point Renewables recovers and diverts end of life timber from landfill to make beautiful, coloured mulches and has future vision to expand Rocky Point’s sustainable footprint. Rocky Point Revegetation supplies the hydro mulch industry with organic based products to revegetate landscapes in need and to promote growth naturally.

In 2016, the Keith Family were awarded the Australian Farmer of the Year. This is awarded to those within agriculture who demonstrate innovation, professionalism and a determination to succeed. They show strong contributions to the overall success of agriculture in Australia.

Rocky Point will keep growing a healthy and sustainable future for generations to come. Partner with our vision, and share in our history.

Our Vision

Rocky Point will keep growing a healthy and sustainable future for generations to come.

Our Mission

We are passionate about partnering you with quality products and services to
keep growing a foundation for healthy food and beautiful gardens. We continue
growing as people, adding value to those around us. We are intent on enjoying
the journey, recovering usable resources and creating a sustainable environment.

Commitment to Quality

Rocky Point is committed to exceeding the highest quality standards for growing media and mulch in Australia. Rocky Points’ products and processes meet the requirements for the following certifications; ISO9001 accredited Quality Management System, Australian Certified Organic (allowed input), Australian Standards AS3743, AS4419 and AS4454, BioSecure HACCP, NIASA
and NIASA EcoHort.


Rocky Points’ processes contain multiple quality control steps to ensure the products are:

  • Inspected on entry and dispatch
  • Checked and rechecked for quality during the production and packing process
  • Formulated to produce healthy robust plants
  • Formulated to provide long-term optimal growing conditions
  • Regularly tested to ensure they are free of contaminants, pathogens, pests and weeds and meet Australian Standards (where applicable)

If you have any questions or feedback regarding Rocky Point products you have purchased, please contact us.

Commitment to Sustainability

Rocky Point is committed to being the most sustainable growing media and mulch company in Australia.

Rocky Point operates a quality management system that promotes continuous improvement and lean manufacturing. Sustainability is considered at all stages of our process from bulk manufacturing to road transport.

Rocky Point is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and this is evident by the on-going improvements made to our facilities and streamlining our manufacturing and procurement processes.

Recognition of our sustainability initiatives was given in 2016 when the company won the Environment and Sustainability Award category of the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.

Our Achievements

Our Community

Rocky Point is proud to support our local community.