People with a passion for growing healthy, abundant plants and produce, people with a commitment to our environment and the many ways we can all make the earth better.

With a purpose beyond the garden media we create, Rocky Point is a group unified by a shared passion for improving the soil our customers cultivate, and the earth we share.

Together with great products, exceptional service, unparalleled experience and tailored incentives, Rocky Point is a partner to many retailers, nursery growers, agriculture farmers, home gardeners and erosion management suppliers.

From products designed to nurture healthier soils, our alliances with farmers, chemical minimisation strategies, revegetation, and our new recyclable packaging substrates, Rocky Point is focussed on making the earth better in the most innovative and responsible ways.

Welcome to Rocky Point, passionate, committed people with a clear mission of making the earth better for this, and future generations.


Specialising in bagged garden products to the retail market, Rocky Point Garden makes maintaining a healthy, lush, green garden and lawn easy!

Our retailers offer home gardeners the access to quality products used by the professionals, let Rocky Point be your garden partner so you can achieve stunning results with ease.

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Not all potting mixes and soils are created equal. At Rocky Point Production, we use only the finest ingredients and proven recipes to create the best possible growing solutions, which Australian growers have grown to trust.

Rocky Point production specialise in the creation and supply of bulk growing media to commercial nurseries, farms, orchards, landscaping yards, local governments as well as delivering to the general public.

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Rocky Point Rural is how it all began, farming and agriculture is our heritage. It is at the heart of why we do what we do.

Rocky Point has a number of farms scattered throughout South-East Queensland. Although being known for our sugar cane, at Rocky Point we grow far more including rotational crops of soybeans and also broadacre crops of wheat, barley, sorghum, mung beans and oats. We also use part of this land to raise, fatten and sell cattle.

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As trees and plants are cleared, soils become loose and can easily be eroded. At Rocky Point Revegetation we have development hydro-mulching products to repair the scars of development naturally.

We have developed a product called Hydro Mulch that can be added to the hydro-seeding spray process to help improve plant growth as well as strengthen the soil while the plants are still growing.

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Rocky Point Renewables main purpose is in reducing the waste destined for landfill. Every year over 30 million tonnes of green and food organics are dumped into landfill. As these decompose, they produce dangerous levels of carbon dioxide and methane.

At Rocky Point Renewables we take in green organics, food organics and end of life urban waste timber and renew them into a second life as premium garden products, making the earth better and Australian gardens greener in so many ways.

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