I’m a home gardener - Can I purchase directly from you?

Unfortunately we do not sell direct to the public.  Rocky Point bagged garden products are manufactured for wholesalers, selling only to retailers with a shop front. Check our ‘find a stockist’ page for your nearest stockists.

I’m a retailer - How can I start ordering your products?

Rocky Point service a wide range of retail customers from boutique gift stores through to larger chain stores. Orders can be placed on the same day of application, however confirmation is subject to meeting trading criteria. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer bulk potting mix or soil purchases?

We offer bulk buy pricing to retailers. However if you are looking for home use, we would suggest contacting our friendly retailers who can assist you with large volume orders. Check our ‘find a stockist’ page for your nearest stockists.

Can your plastic packaging be recycled?
Yes! Our bags are made from a low density polyethylene material which is able to be recycled. We do suggest you contact your local council or rubbish collection agency to confirm they can accept this product. Make sure you wash the bag prior to recycling.
How much area does one bag of mulch cover?

Each of our mulch bags have a different coverage. Check the product page for specific information on product coverage.

Should I take any safety precautions when spreading mulch?
Mulch products may contain micro - organisms and bacteria. You should avoid breathing the fine particles or mists by wearing a particulate mask. Wear gloves when applying the mulch and wash your hands immediately after use.
I’ve found mould in my bag of mulch, or mould has appeared in my garden after spreading mulch – what should I do?

The natural break down of the mulch has started in the bag, and with a bit of warm weather, humidity (or the bag being left in direct sunlight etc.) mould and odour can occur. The mulch itself is not affected at all and is still completely safe to apply to your garden.

Spread the mulch as recommended, using personal protective equipment if needed, and after a little while in the fresh air and sunshine the moisture will begin to evaporate which will rid your garden of unsightly mould or strong odours.

If mould has appeared after you’ve spread the product on the garden, it should clear up after a few days in in sunlight. Once again, this is caused from moisture getting into the bag and the natural breakdown process commencing.

If there is anything we haven’t answered here or directly on the product pages, please contact us.