Commitment to Quality

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Commitment to Quality

Rocky Point is committed to exceeding the highest quality standards for growing media and mulch in Australia. Rocky Points’ products and processes meet the requirements for the following certifications; ISO9001 accredited Quality Management System, ISO 14004 Environmental Management System, Australian Certified Organic (allowed input), Australian Standards AS3743, AS4419 and AS4454, BioSecure HACCP, NIASA and NIASA EcoHort.

Rocky Points’ processes contain multiple quality control steps to ensure the products are:

  • Inspected on entry and dispatch
  • Checked and rechecked for quality during the production and packing process
  • Formulated to produce healthy robust plants
  • Formulated to provide long-term optimal growing conditions
  • Regularly tested to ensure they are free of contaminants, pathogens, pests and weeds and meet Australian Standards (where applicable)

View our Environmental & Sustainability Policy here   |   View our Health, Safety, Community Policy here

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