Commitment to Sustainability

Environmental Awards

Commitment to Sustainability

At Rocky Point we have a very sincere and concerted commitment to sustainability, and environmentally friendly growing practices.

By adopting environmentally sensitive operational strategies we can become the greenest garden product company possible.

Rocky Point’s Better Earth initiatives included:

Rocky Point’s commitment to making waste work is evident by our work with local councils for whom we are recycling food and green waste to produce what could be considered Australia’s “cleanest” compost.

Rocky Point also works collaboratively with a diverse range of industries to minimise landfill, a growing threat to the environment here in Australia and beyond.

By recycling industrial by-products such as waste timber into “better earth garden products” Rocky Point is minimising waste and nurturing our natural environment.

Rocky Point’s on site soft plastic recycling and a pledge to have 45% of our packaging and made from recycled plastics, is another simple yet important contribution to sustainability.

Here at Rocky Point we only accept supplies from trusted farmers with a reputation for environmentally, sustainable growing practices.

Up to 30% recycled plastic in our packaging bag range and we are working with suppliers to get this to 45% recycled plastics. Trialing and testing is also underway around biodegradable bags as we are always looking for the greenest solutions to packaging.

Recognition of our sustainability initiatives was given in 2016 when the company won the Environment and Sustainability Award category of the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.