Because we are committed to making the earth better!

Everything we do as is aimed to make the earth we live on, and the earth we cultivate, better for this and future generations.

We believe in building a community of avid and occasional gardeners focused on raising awareness and use of healthy, sustainable growing practices.

Since our humble beginnings as sugar cane farmers in 1949, our brand has grown with five separate divisions across multiple growth industries.


Rocky Point Rural
has a long history as primary producers in sugar, grain and cattle.
Rocky Point Garden
packages and distributes the best quality products for the home and garden.
Rocky Point Production
creates and manufactures our growing media for the horticultural, agricultural, revegetation, landscaping industry and the home garden.
Rocky Point Renewables
takes in end of life timber and green organics, transforming them into useable growing media and mulches.
Rocky Point Revegetation
produces high-quality solutions for erosion control, restoring and enhancing environments to health.