Rocky Point Packaging

Simplicity At Its Finest.

We were sustained by a strong purpose and clear focus to bring all of our activities together under one name and this new name meant a new look too. We needed to create something that could represent everything we do, without it being complicated.

Starting fresh.

With a chance to start fresh, we decided to look at where we needed to improve. Our previous Rocky Point Mulching bags stood out on shelves, but as a range they lacked consistency.

Dare to be different.

As a company, we are unique. We are one of only a few in our industry that can make the claims we do and we needed to represent that. We wanted to move away from the standard trend of logo – product name – stock photo, so we took the opportunity to try something new.

Enter Sophia Mary Mac, one of Australia’s leading illustrative artists. We worked closely with Sophia to create three beautiful illustrations to be the centrepieces of our bags.

Inside The Art.

Every element of each illustration was thoughtfully laid out and designed specifically to the bag it was going to appear on, like roses for Lucerne Mulch and vegies for Active 8.

Making the easy choice.

To pair with this unique style, we created an icon system to help you select the right product for your garden. The front of each pack now contains a simple 4-point icon system to provide the main features and benefits of that particular product. There is even more information and simple instructions on the back of each pack.


The masterpiece revealed.

After months of hard work and deliberation, we are proud to introduce the new Rocky Point range. View the range in full here.

Keep growing.

Rocky Point, the company and the brand is unique, diversified, sustainable and innovative. Our packaging now represents this and will help us on our mission to Keep Growing.
This is not where it finishes, in fact this is just the beginning.