The true importance of healthy soil

Healthy soil is the backbone of our business, We see its importance firsthand Poor soil affects our customers, our plants and our planet.

Although it may look like there is dirt everywhere, only a small fraction of the earth has healthy, nutrient rich soil that can be used for growing. Unsustainable agricultural practises, deforestation and erosion are all effecting the Earth’s soil health, decreasing it further. The nutrients that feed plants, feed us. Without healthy soil, our health and survival are at risk.

At Rocky Point we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality garden products available. Our potting mixes, growing media, composts and mulches are meticulously crafted to re-introduce nutrients back into soil and feed the plants that our customers grow. We supply commercial nurseries, farms, orchards, landscaping yards and local governments so they keep growing the food, the flowers and the foliage we interact with daily.   

Crafting Quality Soils

At Rocky Point we believe a plants diet is just as important as our own. That’s why we craft high quality, nutrient rich, custom soils and potting mixes ensuring your plants are getting exactly what they need. To guarantee this quality we oversee every part of the creation, starting at the very beginning with the raw materials.

Our Products

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