Can I customise my mix?

Yes! Check out our Designer Potting Mixes section for more information or contact us for a chat. Please note that there is a minimum purchase of 3m required for any custom mixes designed.

Can I come onsite and pick up product?
We do not allow for public pick up of product, we can however organise delivery of 3m +. Please contact our office directly.
I only want to purchase a small amount of bulk potting mix for my home garden, do you sell to the public?

Rocky Point Garden has an extensive range of bagged product for the home gardener, please see this link. For larger amounts (3m3+), please contact our office directly.

Do you have a minimum purchase?
Yes! 3m3 is our minimum for delivery and custom potting mixes.
Can you help me work out what volume I need?

Yes! See below table.
For planting out a garden bed, the following calculations will apply; Volume = Length x Width x Depth

For growing in various pot sizes, the following table will apply;

Volume Table

Where do you deliver?

We are situated between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and deliver locally and interstate. Please contact our office to discuss delivery to your area.

Are there any external stockists who stock your product in bulk?

At this stage, we do not have official external stockists for bulk material. For a list of our bagged products and where to purchase them, please visit our find a stockist page.

Can I order multiple products on the same truck?

We advise against this when ordering due to the fact that our trucks do not have the ability to keep multiple mixes separated.

If there is anything we haven’t answered here or directly on the product pages, please contact us.