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Rocky Point’s ActivGrow® Water Smart Mulch is intelligent, conservative and cool – what more could you need for your garden?

Rocky Point’s ActivGrow Water Smart Mulch is a finely cut, light-coloured mulch to protect your garden from the harsh climates. Healthy soil needs protecting, and that’s why we’ve produced this organic* straw mulch to help keep your soil and plants alive, naturally.

With amazing moisture retaining properties this mulch will lock precious water into your soil while also protecting your living soil from extremes of hot and cold temperatures. ActivGrow Water Smart Mulch is sure to keep your soil micro-organisms happy, as the mulch breaks down into organic* matter it will feed your soil to keep your garden growing strong and healthy.


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ActivGrow® works better – together!

ActivGrow Water Smart Mulch works even better when used in conjunction with the rest of the ActivGrow range; ActivGrow
Organic* Soil Improver and Fertiliser Pellets — a dynamic duo above and below ground!

Sprinkled on top of your soil, Rocky Point’s ActivGrow Fertiliser Pellets add essential nutrients and minerals from above.

Specially formulated to boost tired soil, Rocky Point’s ActivGrow Soil Improver is the perfect way to top up your garden’s growing potential.

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Benefits of Rocky Point ActivGrow Water Smart Mulch:

  • Improves water retention in soil by up to 85%
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Feeds soil with organic matter
  • Protects soil from sun and wind
  • Provides a microbe rich environment for soil life
  • Perfect for vegetable gardens, fruit trees, natives & flowers

Information for retailers:

Bag Size Bag Weight Bag Per Pallet Ordering Code Barcode
20sqm 48 bags 2-RP-ACTM-20 9 338456 000031