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Rocky Point’s AniGrass Lemongrass Bedding is a highly fragrant premium animal bedding. It is sustainably and organically grown specifically for animal litter. This long lasting fibre naturally deodorises any environment. Finely chopped and dust extracted it can be blended with other fodder to bed small animals, for instance blending with wood shavings will enhance hygiene, fragrance and animal comfort.

AniGrass Lemongrass Bedding is a great pillow medium for stuffing dog and cats beds, adding to communal animal areas and nesting locations. Deriving from the lemongrass essential oil, the fragrance is long lasting and will provide your animals with a superior bedding experience.

Benefits of Rocky Point AniGrass:

  • Naturally fresh, fragrant bedding
  • High moisture absorption
  • Great for all sizes of animals, on its own or blended with other bedding mediums
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Sustainably and organically produced
  • Highly compressed bag will expand to approximately 3 times its compressed size.

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How do I use Rocky Point Lemongrass Bedding?

  • Remove any spent bedding, and give the area a good clean out from all existing animal bedding product
  • Apply fresh AniGrass to a depth appropriate to the size of the animal. Small animals like mice may only need a depth of 10-20 mm and larger animals like horses may need up to 100 mm.
  • Over time as your animal expels waste onto the bedding, remove the soiled area only and replace with fresh AniGrass
  • Once the bedding has been removed often and the absorbency has lessened, start the process again with completely fresh bedding.

Information for retailers:

Bale Size Bale Weight Bale Per Pallet Ordering Code Barcode
70L 14 kg 48 bags 2-RP-LEM-70 9 338456 001229