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Composted Bark

Composted bark is one of the key ingredients in our growing media as we go to such great lengths to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Throughout the composting process, we are testing our windrows weekly. Temperature, pH and EC are all monitored to ensure that the end product is of the highest consistency. At the final stage of the process Biological control is added in the form of Hypoapsis and Dalotia to ward off Gnat and Shorefly larvae which can damage young root systems but are completely harmless to plants themselves.

Rocky Point’s bark is composted to Australian Standard 4454 comes in 3 sizes;

  • SLCS – Composted 0-5 mm;
  • SLC – Composted 0-12 mm; and
  • SLR – Composted 20 mm minus.

0-5 mm bark is used primarily in Propagation and Seed Raising mixes but can be added into blends to help with water holding.

0-12 mm bark is used in all types of pot and bag sizes and can be blended with other sizes to increase or decrease water holding.

20 mm bark is often used in bigger size pots or bags and is extremely popular with Orchid growers due to its high air fill porosity.

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