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Coloured Mulch

A simple, safe and cost effective solution to protect any garden or landscape, we have created this environmentally friendly coloured mulch product perfect for your next landscaping project.

Why choose Rocky Point Coloured Mulch over conventional mulches? There are many advantages, but the most obvious being that Rocky Point Coloured Mulch has increased longevity of colour compared to other mulches that tend to appear faded and lacklustre after just a few weeks in the sun. Our stock colours come in rich hues of Black and Red. You can be assured that the distinctive colours used in our mulch compliment your landscaping project and make an instantly beautified, eye-catching display around homes, buildings, parks and gardens.

Our choice of colourants are 100% safe making our mulch safe for use around children and pets. Testing by an independent laboratory confirms that the product is both environmentally friendly and healthy for you plants and soil.

When you purchase Rocky Point Coloured Mulch, you’re also making the environmentally friendly choice by using a recycled product. You can have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making the best choice for your landscaping project.

Our coloured mulch is stocked and available in Red & Black colours. This product is available in bulk loads for large projects, but can also be found in 50L home garden packs here.

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