Blooming Roses

Pelletised premium quality rose
food in handy bucket

Providing all the essential nutrients to promote strong, healthy growth and prolific flowering

Ideal premium quality rose food for all types of roses in the garden and in containers. Blooming Roses is an easy to use pelletised rose food; just one scoop (70 grams) per plant or 100g per square metre for larger rose beds is all you need to keep your rose gardens happy and blooming.


Benefits of Blooming Roses:

  • NPK 9:4:12
  • Rich blend containing all the essential nutrients your roses need
  • Suitable for young roses, older roses, bush roses, potted roses and all other types of roses in the garden or containers
  • Convenient, easy to carry and store bucket that includes handy scoop

Information for retailers:


ProductPackage SizePacks per boxOrdering CodeBarcode
Blooming Roses1.5 kg4 bucketsFZGBBRSML9 317290 240025
10 kg1 bucketZGBBRSML9 317290 240032

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