Seaweed Concentrate

Fine grade powdered sea weed that is
used for a range of applications

Organic Plant Tonic

Seaweed Concentrate is ideal for use in preventing transplant shock. This product encourages healthy growth and flowers in your garden beds and potted plants.


Benefits of Grow Better Seaweed Concentrate:

  • Rich ocean nutrients and minerals
  • Encourages healthy growth and flowers
  • Stimulates root growth and fruit production
  • Prevents transplant shock
  • Improves soil health
  • 150 grams makes up to 600 litres
  • 1 scoop (provided) = 10 grams (diluted in 20 litres of water)
  • Suitable for all species of plants

Information for retailers:


ProductPackage SizePacks Per BoxOrdering CodeBarcode
Seaweed Concentrate150gm8FZGBSEA1509 317290 122277

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