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Green Roof

Rocky Point’s Green Roof mix consists of Clinker, Composted Bark, Coir Chip, Perlite and Crushed Sandstone. This mix can be designed with nutrients or without depending on whether the customer prefers to apply nutrient through a drip feed system.

A major benefit of our Green Roof Mix is that there is little slumpage, so it can be applied at various depths. This blend has an Air Fill Porosity of 23% which allows good drainage but also with the addition of Coir has a water holding capacity of 55%, giving it the added benefit of retaining readily available moisture for the plants root system.

This mix can be used on a wide range of species including Grasses, Natives, Trees and Shrubs.

Prepared and tested under strict conditions, this product is certified to Australian Standards 3743 for a Premium Grade Potting Mix

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