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Hemp Animal Bedding

Hemp Animal Bedding has been designed with small animals and birds (such as poultry, pigeons, household birds) as well as larger animals in mind. This bedding holds natural anti-bacterial properties, is dust-free and has great absorption making it a great choice for a hygienic animal bedding.

Hemp Animal Bedding makes an ultra-comfortable bedding for your pets along with insulating in cooler temperatures. Made from 100% renewable hemp, which has been grown without the use of pesticides or insecticides, prevents any residues being transferred to your animals.

Benefits of Rocky Point Hemp Animal Bedding:

  • 100% Hemp Plants
  • Long lasting fibre
  • Great moisture absorption
  • Suitable for all sizes of animals
  • Use on its own or blend with other bedding mediums

**Please note: There is a current raw material shortage for Hemp Animal Bedding and as such, this product is currently unavailable

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How do I use Rocky Point Hemp Animal Bedding?

  • Remove any hemp bedding, and give the area a good clean out from all existing animal bedding product.
  • Apply fresh Hemp Bedding to a depth appropriate to the size of the animal. Small animals like mice may only need a depth of 10-20 mm and larger animals like horses may need up to 100 mm.
  • Over time as your animal expels waste onto the bedding, remove the soiled area only and replace with fresh Hemp Bedding.
  • Once the bedding has been removed often and the absorbency has lessened, start the process again with completely fresh bedding.

Information for retailers:

Bale Size Bale Weight Bale Per Pallet Ordering Code Barcode
Jumbo 48 bags per pallet 2-RP-HEMP-70 Coming soon