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Hydro Mulch Cane Only

This product is ideal to be used for Hydromulching but separate paper can be added to aid with water retention. Rocky Point Sugar Cane is organically certified, as well as independently tested to the AS4454-2012 Standard.

Sugar Cane Testing March 2018

By using this product you will be adding organic carbon, and an environmentally sound ground cover you can use in sensitive areas like water catchment etc. without fear of contamination.

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Benefits of Rocky Point Mulching Hydromulch

  • 100% Fine Cut Sugar Cane Mulch Mix
  • Shortened 16mm chop
  • Screened to be free of weed seed and pathogens
  • Produced from the finest 100% NASAA certified organic sugar cane mulch
  • Mixes easily in all tanks ready for spraying
  • A natural product that is long lasting and promotes growth of vegetation
  • 100% Australian sourced ingredients, made with care by an Australian family business
  • Packaged in the highest quality, easy to handle, quick loading, UV-stabilised compression bales.

Information for retailers:

Bag Size Bag Weight Bag Per Pallet Ordering Code Barcode
17kg 48 bags