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Hydromulch Tackifier

Whilst mulch and paper erosion systems offer basic water-holding and ground binding properties the addition of a colloidal fixative (Hydromulch Tackifier) will greatly enhance the effectiveness and soil binding strength of the mulch.

Hydromulch Tackifier is water soluble and acts like glue that binds together the various components of the hydromulch and helps fix it to the soil

Available In: 25kg bag/drum


Hydromulch Tackifier is supplied in a powder form that is diluted in the water cart. Agitation is essential in mixing the product properly. It must be sprinkled into the water, allowing all individual grains of product to ‘wet out’. Do not add product in large quantities. Green Marking Dye can be added to monitor application areas.



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Benefits of Hydromulch Tackifier:

  • Increases the viscosity of the slurry
  • Reduces splashing
  • Binds the seed and mulch together
  • Retains moisture in the soil
  • Is effective in reducing erosion even when used alone as a soil treatment
  • Soaks into the soil and binds together soil particles forming an aggregation process.
  • The effect of Hydromulch Tackifier is temporary, breaking down in weeks due to sunlight and other environmental conditions, allowing the plants to soon promote erosion control as their root systems penetrate and hold the soil structure.

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