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Rocky Point Indoor Plant Tonic has been designed to boost the growth potential in your indoor jungle. Providing a source of nutrients, regular use of this low odour and easy application tonic will help in producing healthier, stronger foliage and vibrant flowers. 

This Indoor Plant Tonic is the perfect mix of trace elements from seaweed extract and chelated trace elements, natural aminos, iron and calcium from blood and bone. Humic and Fulvic Acids to allow for quicker nutrient uptake to plants, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for optimal plant growth. This combined with a plant derived wetting agent, this tonic will improve long term moisture penetration into the soil.

Use Rocky Point’s Premium Indoor Plant Tonic weekly after planting or germination until well established. The easy-to-use sprayer bottle means you can spray the surface of your plants potting mix directly prior to watering in.  

Features & Benefits 

  • Easy to apply spray application 
  • Safe for all plants  
  • Low odour and high nutrient 
  • Promotes lush growth 

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How to use?

  • Shake bottle well
  • Moisten potting mix around top of plants and spray Rocky Point Indoor Plant Tonic 1-2 times on the surface of the damp mix (1 spray is equal to 1mL).
  • Thoroughly water in.
  • Alternatively, spray 2-4 times into your watering container and dilute with 1L of water, then water your plants.

Information for retailers:

Bottle Size Bottle Weight Bottle Per Box Ordering Code Barcode
500mL 8 2-RP-ITONI-500 9 338456 001038