Cypress Mulch

A natural, safe termite deterrent for
mulching close to your home

A fragrant rich coloured mulch

This beautiful red-brown coloured mulch has a fragrant smell and natural termite deterring qualities, making it the ideal choice for mulching close to your home. Often used as a garden feature, Cypress Mulch is perfect for ornamental and native gardens alike, as it suppresses weed growth and insulates against extreme temperatures. This mulch is made as a by-product of plantation cypress pine.

A natural termite deterrent, Cypress Mulch is red to brown in colour and will become a feature of your garden with its vibrant colour and fragrant smell.


Benefits of Rocky Point Cypress Mulch:

  • Termite deterrent
  • Provides a huge saving in watering costs
  • Improves soil structure for acid-loving plants
  • Insulates against extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Encourages earthworms
  • Cypress Mulch breaks down slowly, enriching the soil through microbial activity
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • 100% organic and natural
  • Highly decorative and aromatic
  • Prevents soil erosion

How do I use Cypress Mulch?

  1. Remove all existing weeds from the area to be mulched.
  2. If you are using Cypress Mulch for the first time, you’ll need to spread an even layer to a depth of 40-100 mm.
  3. If you are re-mulching existing areas, you’ll need to spread an even layer to a depth of 20-40 mm.
  4. Ensure the mulch does not contact the stems of your plants.
  5. Cypress Mulch is packaged completely dry, so once spread, water in well to improve water retention and wind resistance.

Information for retailers:


ProductBag SizeBag WeightBags Per Pallet (CHEP Pallets)Ordering CodeBarcode
Cypress Mulch40 L14 kg72 bagsMURPCYP409 338456 000475

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