Natural Mulch

An environmentally sustainable mulch
created from untreated recycled timber.

A simple, safe and cost effective solution to protect any garden or landscape.

Made from 100% untreated timber which was once destined for landfill. We have chipped, metal extracted and screened it, producing an environmentally friendly, sustainable garden mulch. Natural Mulch is a long lasting, water saving and weed suppressing mulch ideal for improving your home garden.

Natural Mulch is ideal for any garden space to insulate against extremes of temperature and suppress weeds while breaking down slowly.


Benefits of Rocky Point Natural Mulch:

  • Insulates soils against extreme hot or cold temperature
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Breaks down slowly
  • Provides a huge saving in watering costs
  • Environmentally friendly, created from recycled waste timber products
  • A great way to add value and quickly refresh the appearance of any home
  • Safe for children and pets

How do I use Natural Mulch?

  1. Remove all existing weeds from the area to be mulched.
  2. If you are using Natural Mulch for the first time, you’ll need to spread an even layer to a depth of 40-100 mm.
  3. If you are re-mulching existing areas, you’ll need to spread an even layer to a depth of 20-40 mm.
  4. Ensure the mulch does not contact the stems of your plants.
  5. Natural Mulch is packaged completely dry, so once spread, water in well to improve water retention and wind resistance.

Information for retailers:


ProductBag SizeBag WeightBags Per Pallet (CHEP Pallets)Ordering CodeBarcode
Natural Mulch40 L14 kg72 bagsMURPCCNA409 338456 000543

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