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OptiLawn | Granular Fertiliser

NPK 10.0 : 1.5 : 7.0

Rocky Point’s popular OptiLawn Top Dress, great for strengthening and rejuvenating your lawn, can now be followed up with our OptiLawn Granular Fertiliser, making a supercharged greening duo for a lush lawn at home.

OptiLawn Granular Fertiliser is made with a rich poultry manure base to build organic matter, improve the soil and encourage healthy, even growth throughout your lawn. With a balanced mix of fast acting synthetic granules and organic nutrients, your lawn will experience sustained green growth.

This nutrient rich lawn fertiliser, not only supports healthy root growth, but also adds essential organic matter to feed soil life and improve soil health over time.

OptiLawn Granular Fertiliser is perfect for all types of turf and lawns, but also suitable for use around your home garden on other plants including vegetables, ornamentals and fruit trees (refer to recommended application rates).



*Contains Blood & Bone. Restricted instances for use as fertiliser on areas where ruminants or herbivore livestock are to be grazed.

Application Rates:

For best results, water thoroughly after application. Do not apply if the maximum temperature is expected to be 30 degrees Celsius or above, or if plants are suffering from heat or moisture stress. Rocky Point recommends testing your soil and pH levels prior to application for best results.

Suitable lawn types; All hybrid turf and lawns including couch, carpet grass, zoysia and buffalo.

As an indication, an adult hand holds approximately 50g.


Established Lawns & Maintenance: Apply 50-75g per sq. metre, 3-4 times per year, watering in well after application. Regular feeding in smaller quantities will improve soil and overall growth of lawn.

New Lawns – Laying Turf: Apply 75g per sq. metre. Prepare soil before laying turf with a layer of OptiLawn Top Dress, raking over your existing soil. Follow this by spreading OptiLawn Granular Fertiliser to the rate of 75g per sq. metre before laying turf.

New Lawns – Seeding: Apply 75g per sq. metre. Before sowing seeds, prepare your soil with a blend of fresh OptiLawn Top Dress or an under turf blend. Spread OptiLawn Granular Fertiliser to the rate of 75g per sq. metre and rake in well. Sow grass seeds over the top.


Vegetable Beds & Flowers: Apply 100g (2 handfuls) per sq. metre prior to planting. Re-apply every 4-6 weeks at 50-75g per sq. metre

Planting Shrubs & Trees: Apply 30g into planting hole and mix with the soil. After planting apply 50g around the plant, keep away from stem or trunk. Water immediately.

Ornamental Roses & Shrubs: Apply 100g (2 handfuls) per sq. metre every 6-8 weeks. Keep fertiliser away from stem or trunk.

Azaleas, Native & Acid Loving Plants: Apply 50g (1 handful) per sq. metre. Keep fertiliser away from stem or trunk.

Fruit Trees: Apply 100g (2 handfuls) per tree for each year of the trees age to a maximum of 500g. Ensure the fertiliser is spread evenly out to beyond the drip line of the tree. Keep fertiliser away from the trunk or base.

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Benefits of OptiLawn | Granular Fertiliser:

  • Organic-based with composted poultry manure
  • For lush green growth in an easy-to-use granular form
  • Assists in building soil health and resistance to pests and disease
  • Balanced blend of fast and controlled release fertilisers for sustained growth

Information for retailers:

Bag Size Bag Weight Bag Per Pallet Ordering Code Barcode
25kg 25kg 40 bags 2-RP-LWNG-25 9 338456 001526
6kg Bucket 64 2-RP-LWNGB-6