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OptiLawn Top Dress is ideal for both new and established lawns, and is great for producing excellent long term results.

OptiLawn is a uniquely formulated premium top dress and feed designed to improve, strengthen and rejuvenate your lawn. This professionally developed mix is enhanced with high quality mineral content to level undulations; slow release fertiliser to produce a healthy green lawn.

Ideal for both new and established lawns, OptiLawn is great for producing excellent long term results whilst enhancing the structure in all lawn varieties.


How do I use OptiLawn Top Dress?

Top dressing is best performed in the growing season where you need to regularly mow your lawn.

  1. Spread the mix over the mown lawn.
  2. Use a soft rake or broom to push around and level the mix to a depth of 10-20 mm ensuring the grass tips are still showing. Never completely smother the grass with the mix.
  3. Water in well and continue to water daily for at least the first few weeks.

Use on an established lawn

  1. Ensure the lawn is mowed low and a catcher is used. Spread OptiLawn Top Dress over the desired area to even out the lawn profile and to ensure long term improvement of vitality and health.

Use on a new lawn

  1. Wait a few months after the new lawn has taken and then use to fill in gaps and holes. It is recommended to fertilise a few weeks prior to top dressing.


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Benefits of Rocky Point OptiLawn Top Dress:

  • Improves soil structure and health
  • Ideal for levelling uneven lawn
  • Contains slow release fertiliser
  • Suitable for all grass varieties including Buffalo
  • Prepared and tested under strict conditions, this product is certified to Australian Standards 4419

Information for retailers:

Bag Size Bag Weight Bag Per Pallet Ordering Code Barcode
30L 16kg 66 bags 2-RP-LAWN-30 9 338456 000796