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Organic Health

Organic Health is a rich mix of organics and natural minerals. Consisting of Organic Compost, Cow Compost, Clinker, Basalt, Coir, Crushed Sandstone, Zeolite, Palagonite and Sandy Loam. Added to this is a blend of organic fertilisers including soft rock phosphate, sulphate of potash, meat meal, bone meal and seaweed.

Organic Health has been developed with only one purpose in mind; to create a soil high in organic nutrients for consumers who are serious about their health and what goes into the foods they are eating. This blend allows leaf and root vegetables and all types of fruits to reach their maximum nutrient levels, giving not just fantastic health benefits, but maximum taste levels too.

Organic Health is ideal for all vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

Prepared and tested under strict conditions, this product is certified as an Australian Certified Organic Allowed Input and to Australian Standards 4419

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