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A full range of stock mixes available, designed by potting mix masters


Rocky Point’s Azalea/Camelia mix consists of 0-12 mm composted bark and crushed sandstone. Balanced to a PH of 5-5.5 this mix is perfect for these acid loving plants.


B2’s bigger brother consisting of 0-12 mm composted bark and crushed sandstone, this mix has a higher air filled porosity and excellent drainage. Ideal for plants who don’t like wet feet.


Our bagging mix is designed for those growing larger plants and trees. This mix is designed to last with only a top up of CRF required along the journey.


With the enthusiast in mind Rocky Point has developed a Bonsai mix that will provide a home for whichever species you choose to grow for the years ahead.


A mixture of 12 and 20 mm composted bark combined with clinker and trace elements make this an optimum mix for growing Bromeliads.
With a high air filled porosity, this free draining mix is ideal for Bromeliads and Cymbidium Orchids.


This mix is comprised of both 12 mm & 6 mm composted bark, crushed sandstone and macro-micro nutrients.
Cacti / Succulent Mix has a higher percentage of crushed sandstone, which makes these varieties feel right at home making it Ideal for cacti, succulents and euphorbia. This mix has been designed to simulate the conditions comparable to the origins of the species. A free draining mix and essential trace elements are the key to this mixes success.


Rocky Point caters for every type of Orchid including Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis and more! To ensure your orchids thrive, please contact us to see what type of mix would suit you.


Incorporating composted bark, compost, crushed sandstone and zeolite and with a pH of 6-6.5 this mix is suited for 100 mm-300 mm pots.


A light weight mix with good water holding ability suited for either pots or hanging baskets.


With a pH of between 5 and 5.5 and iron supplement your Gardenias will keep that deep green colour that can otherwise be hard to maintain.


One of our specialties and one we take great pride in is to give your plants the perfect start they need. Our Propagation/Seed Raising Mix is a blend of 0-6 mm composted bark, coir pith, crushed sandstone dolomite and trace elements.
Our propagating mix is totally pasteurised, as all our mixes are, so no pathogens that can cause such damage to young plants.
This mix is ideal for striking cuttings or seed germination.


Designed specifically with Australian Natives in mind this mix has a low Phosphorous level that even the most sensitive of natives will thrive in.


As with our Propagation/Seed Raising mix we aim to give your plants the best start in life. Our Tube mix has a slightly higher drainage rate making it ideal for small pots.


Rocky Point’s Green Wall mix is a composition of Perlite, Clinker, Composted Bark, Coir Chip and Crushed Sandstone. This mix can be designed with nutrients or without depending on whether the customer prefers to apply nutrient through a drip feed system.
Our Green Wall mix has the benefit of being a light weight growing medium suited for large scale urban developments and home gardeners alike. With excellent nutrient and water holding capacity, it has a balance of substrates selected to perform over long periods of time. 
This mix is ideal for plants most commonly associated with green walls including Herbs, Bromeliads and Cacti & Succulents.


Rocky Point’s Green Roof mix consists of Clinker, Composted Bark, Coir Chip, Perlite and Crushed Sandstone. This mix can be designed with nutrients or without depending on whether the customer prefers to apply nutrient through a drip feed system.
A major benefit of our Green Roof Mix is that there is little slumpage, so it can be applied at various depths. This blend has an Air Fill Porosity of 23% which allows good drainage but also with the addition of Coir has a water holding capacity of 55%, giving it the added benefit of retaining readily available moisture for the plants root system.
This mix can be used on a wide range of species including Grasses, Natives, Trees and Shrubs.


Rocky Point Planter Box is a combination of ingredients that while supplying plenty of nutrient and drainage has only a minimum amount of slumpage.


Designed for growers who want the complete package this mix comes with CRF fertilizers in the form of 3-4 and 8-9 month and wetting agents. Just pot and grow!


While Rocky Point has our own Australian Standard approved Podium mix we special in designing a mix for you.
As each job you do varies in volume, depth and plant species we work with you to create the perfect blend suited to your needs.
All our composted products including a range of barks from 0-5 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm are composted at our own facility and our in-house testing is backed up by an independent NATA accredited laboratory.
Our compost and cow compost are organically certified with ACO and are widely used in the horticulture and agriculture sectors.
With a range of products including Coir chip, Coir pith, peat moss, perlite, basalt, crushed sandstone, Zeolite, Palagonite, Clinker and a comprehensive range of Organic and Chemical fertilisers let us help you design the perfect mix for each and every Podium you require.


We are able to produce a Certified Organic Potting Mix, please contact us for more information.


Rocky Point imports a range of Coir products to Australia through our partner Pelemix. Visit our Coir Products section to learn more.

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