Plant Care Pack

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Your indoor care pack sets you up with the best care plan for all your indoor plants! From a carefully crafted nutrient rich tonic spray that acts as plant food, to a foliage spray designed to keep your plant leaves shiny & lush. Plus a bonus water meter that takes the guess work out of watering your plants.

Included is:

1 x 500mL Indoor Plant TonicĀ 

Plant food to boost growth for your plants

1x 500mL Plant Foliage Spray

The perfect spray for shinier, lusher leaves and deterring pests

1x Water Meter

The perfect way to take the guess work out of watering your plants, no more dry or drowned plants.

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Information for retailers:

Pod Size Pod Weight Pod Per Pallet Ordering Code Barcode
3 Pack 1.5 kgs 6 2-RP-IPCP-3 9 338456 000970