Plant Water Meter

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It’s no secret that houseplants can be a challenge to keep properly hydrated, leaving many plant owners perplexed about the ideal watering routine because it’s hard to see what’s going on below the surface of your potting mix.   

The Plant Water Meter accurately measures the moisture at the root level of a plant, taking the guess work out of watering plants! This means you can avoid overwatering or underwatering your plants, preventing root rot and plant stress, and helping your plants not just live but thrive for longer! 

It’s simple to use, take it out of its box and place into the plants potting mix soil around 15-20 cm of the plants root ball ensuring the indicator arrow pointing down is just above the potting mix. Once watered, the indicator window will turn blue indicating the mix is moist, when the indicator window is white your plants need a drink. 

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use & helps you to learn healthy watering habits for plant care.
  • Avoid over watering which causes root rot.
  • Helps with under watering your plants, causing plant stress.
  • Simple window indicator – blue means moist, white indicates plant needs watering.

Best for pots 12-18cm (4.7 to 7 inches) in diameter

Best operating temperature: 5-40 Degrees Celsius.

Store in a cool dry place until use. Core lasts up to 9 months.

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How to use Rocky Point Water Meter?

  • Insert the water meter (tip down) into the potting mix between the indicators (<>). Make sure the indicator arrow pointing down is showing just above the potting mix.
  • Water your plant, as you water it will change colour from white to blue within 5-20 mins after watering.
  • Next monitor the meter; Blue is enough water in the soil, white means in need of watering. This accurately measures water levels at the root level of the plant.
  • Over time the water meter will return to white, and this helps you to know when to water your plants again.

Information for retailers:

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2 pack 20 2-RP-WM-2 9338456001892