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While Rocky Point has our own Australian Standard approved Podium mix we special in designing a mix for you.

As each job you do varies in volume, depth and plant species we work with you to create the perfect blend suited to your needs.

All our composted products including a range of barks from 0-5 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm are composted at our own facility and our in-house testing is backed up by an independent NATA accredited laboratory.

Our compost and cow compost are organically certified with ACO and are widely used in the horticulture and agriculture sectors.

With a range of products including Coir chip, Coir pith, peat moss, perlite, basalt, crushed sandstone, Zeolite, Palagonite, Clinker and a comprehensive range of Organic and Chemical fertilisers let us help you design the perfect mix for each and every Podium you require.

Prepared and tested under strict conditions, this product is certified to Australian Standards 4419

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