Eco Potting Mix

A sustainable and economical
all-purpose blend for all potted plants.

A practical mix for indoor and outdoor plants in any containers

Eco Potting Mix is an all-purpose potting mix blend and complies with the requirements of Australian Standard 3743 for a regular grade potting mix. It provides good aeration, excellent wettability and contains additives to ensure adequate nutrition. Eco Potting Mix is suitable for use in pots, planter boxes and garden beds and can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Eco Potting Mix contains a unique blend of composted organic materials, essential drainage components, lime, dolomite, iron, nitrogen and natural trace elements. Our product is prepared under strict quality control measures in keeping with Australian Standards and NIASA Best Practice to ensure ongoing consistency.

Eco Potting Mix meets the Australian standard for water holding capacity and air filled porosity, making it the ideal media for a vast range of plant types. It’s prepared under strict quality control measures and is regularly tested to ensure consistency


Benefits of Rocky Point Eco Potting Mix:

  • With the addition of a balanced fertiliser like Terra Firma’s Organic Life, this economical All Purpose Potting Mix will feed your plants for several months
  • Please note, good watering will encourage root growth and activation of fertilisers
  • Ideal for pots, planter boxes and garden beds
  • Suitable for re-potting of all types of plants
  • Practical mix for indoor and outdoor plants in any containers
  • Prepared and tested under strict conditions, this product is certified to Australian Standards 3743 for a Regular Grade Potting Mix

How do I use Eco Potting Mix?

Most plants need re-potting at least once and sometimes twice a year. Before re-potting give your plant a thorough wetting down and choose a bigger pot, at least one third bigger than the initial pot.

  1. Place a small amount of Eco Potting Mix in the base of the pot.
  2. Position the plant in the centre of the pot and fill around edges to within 20 mm of the top of the pot with Eco Potting Mix.
  3. Press down gently
  4. Water in well straight away, and then regularly over the next few weeks depending on plant positioning and time of year.

Information for retailers:


ProductBag SizeBag WeightBags Per Pallet (CHEP Pallets)Ordering CodeBarcode
Eco Potting Mix25 L12 kg90 BagsGMRPECO259 338456 000772
60 L30 kg40 BagsGMRPECO609 338456 000789

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