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RT5 Superskin

RT5 Superskin is a unique emulsion of cross linked polymer for ‘non trafficked’ areas which is diluted at ‘ultra low concentration’ in water and sprayed onto all forms of exposed stockpiles, ground, sand, minerals and tailings to create a flexible veneer (skin/crust) which totally binds up all fines to aid dust suppression

  • Emulsion of ‘microscopic superabsorbent polymers’
  • Heavy viscous polymers to bind fine dust particles
  • 100% Environmentally Safe
  • Zero harm to machinery

Available In: 25L pail & 1000L pod


Under normal circumstances, RT5 Superskin is applied at 2-8 mls of concentrate per m2 of material. RT5 Superskin is diluted in water and applied at a rate of 1—2 litres of solution per m2 of exposed material using any conventional water spraying equipment.

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Benefits of RT5 Superskin

  • Suitable for all forms of exposed stockpiles, ground, sand, minerals and tailings
  • Forms a strong, durable and ‘flexible’ crust
  • Diluted with water for ease of application
  • Eliminates dust liftoff with a single application
  • Applied at ‘ultra low concentration’ for effective dust and erosion control
  • Minimal logistical, freight and storage requirements
  • Will not damage, stain or build up on application equipment
  • Withstands rain events
  • Can be applied in conjunction with seeding
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Can be applied with suitable marking dye for area identification

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