How green is your garden

Welcome to the How Green is your Garden quiz.

At Rocky Point we care about making the earth better which is why we have developed a quiz to help you make your garden greener.

Take our quiz and see how your garden scores. We will add up the points, then tell you how green your garden really is.

Is your garden designed to reduce air temperatures by capturing cooling breezes and protect your home from the hot summer sun with plenty of shade?
Do you plant appropriate plants for your climate? Finding plants that are well adapted to your climate will help them to grow well while supporting the local wildlife.
Are you using mulch on your soil regularly to conserve water and improve soil health? This can really help to keep the soil weed-free, cooler, and it retains the moisture to encourage worm and microbe activity.
Have you created a layered garden with trees, shrubs and ground covers? This will create a haven for wildlife like birds, and butterflies.
Do you make and use your own compost or you can use your veggie scraps in a worm farm?
Does your garden provide you with your own food and produce? Try growing simple fresh herbs and then the more avid gardener you become try planting seasonal produce that suits your climate.
Is your garden feeding and sheltering wildlife like birds, butterflies and other native animals? Do you have flowers and plants in your garden that attract beneficial insects to help control damaging insects?
Have you planted perennials in your garden to attract the bees to be active pollinators? Plants such as sunflowers, daisy's, lavender, salvia and other native flowers are great for keeping the bees busy!
Do you use nontoxic controls in your garden? Try softer insect controls like herbal mixes, handpicking or copper barriers for snails, nets and meshes and a strong jet of water will remove aphids from your plants.
Have you tried natural fertilisers to revitalise your soils. Organic sprays and fertilisers are better for you and our earth. Try composted cow manure, composted chicken manure or liquid seaweed/fish mix to feed your plants.
Do you have a water tank or do you capture rainwater in barrels during the wet weather to use later for watering your plants? Do you water your plants efficiently to avoid runoff - this means slowly, deeply, often early in the morning or late in the evening, and watering infrequently.
When it's time to plant at the beginning of a season, do you refresh your gardens by mixing in good amounts of organic soil blends?
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How Green is your

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