Reducing waste destined for landfill

Every year over 30 million tonnes of green and food organics are dumped into a landfill. As these organics decompose, they produce dangerous levels of carbon dioxide and methane. At Rocky Point, we saw an opportunity to help tackle this problem and transform an otherwise wasted product into an enriching and highly beneficial product.

Rocky Point receives broken pallets, crates, and garden clippings transforming them into premium garden products. By doing so we are able to reduce landfill size and re-introduce important nutrients back into Australian soils.

Composting Organics

At Rocky Point we compost 70,000 tonnes of organic material every year, material that would otherwise be rotting in landfill. We use this compost to produce the premium quality soils and potting mixes Rocky Point is known for.

Mulching ‘End-of-Life’ Timber

Every year we divert up to 10,000 tonnes of timber destined for landfill and produce a beautiful coloured mulch which not only looks great on the garden, but as it breaks down adds beneficial nutrients into your soil.


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Timber Receival
Green Organics Receival