Repairing the scars of development

As trees and plants are cleared for agriculture and development, soils become loose and can easily be washed or blown away (erosion). The soil often carries fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides into our waterways and oceans, damaging our reefs and polluting our rivers and dams. However, it isn’t just the environmental issues, landslides and flooding caused by erosion destroy roads, housing and other urban infrastructure.

A natural way to help combat erosion is hydro-seeding, a planting process where seeds are sprayed onto embankments creating a root structure that strengthens the soil. At Rocky Point, we have developed a product called Hydro Mulch that can be added to this process to help improve plant growth as well as strengthen the soil while the plants are still growing.

Hydro Mulching

Hydro mulching is a very efficient and cost-effective solution to prevent erosion. It incorporates seed, fertiliser, cellulose fibre, green dye and tackifiers and sprays it over a surface in one hit. It can be used on a variety of applications such as open drains, embankments, batters, trenches, subdivisions & new lawns.

Here is an example of vegetation growth in just a 7-week period after using Rocky Point Hydro Mulch.

Rocky Point’s Hydro Mulch

As with all our products, Rocky Point Hydro Mulch is created to the highest of standards. Each element added to our Hydro Mulch is carefully selected to prevent any issues during application. The final product is then compressed and packaged to make handling and transportation a breeze.

Our Sugar Cane Mulch is an Australian Certified Organic (ACO) certified product, and to ensure a weed-free product we supply a Weed Hygiene Declaration in accordance with the Department of Natural Mines and Resources.

Rocky Point Hydro Mulch is a 100% environmentally beneficial, totally biodegradable and non-toxic product that is safe for wildlife and breaks down over time to enrich the soil with organic matter.

Hydro Mulch Products

Erosion Sediment Control Technical Papers:

The revegetation mysteries debunked!

Objective, management and implementation strategy all rolled into this guideline provides advice on selection of species appropriate to available growth media characteristics and agreed post-mining land use, methods of preparing areas for revegetation, and techniques for establishing new vegetation.

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